You now can track your child’s attendance and grades via the internet through PowerSchool.

To access PowerSchool please visit:   https://powerschool.rdpsd.ab.ca/public/

You will need your child’s Student Web ID and Student Password.  Your child will know their ID & password.  Please call the office if you’d like us to give you that information.

Setting up a parent account in Powerschool


When you first log in:

1.   Attendance is on the left for the last 2 weeks (totals on the right)

2.   Under the course heading, you will see a list of classes the student is enrolled in.  

3.   Parents should click on the Mark Detail of the subject they wish to look at to see their child's individual assignments.  This will take them to the teachers' class and ALL  of the assignments they have inputted. 

Please make sure you are using an updated browser and that you know your child's log in code.  If you do not have access to a computer to check student progress on a regular basis, please stay in contact with your child's teachers via phone or email. Please contact the school at me if you have questions, concerns or need help with this system.  We'd be happy to help you.

You can also download the PowerSchool mobile app to your cell phone (iPhone or Android device). For information on how to download the app and have access to your child's grades &/or attendance.

Video: This will take you to PowerSchool's Gradebook feature so you can access your student's marks/grades. You can also access your child's PowerSchool by downloading the PowerSchool App. Just go to the App Store, type in PowerSchool and download the app. Our district code is JBGT. 

Verifying your child's school information through your PowerSchool Account

Parents please take a few minutes to confirm your child’s address, parent contact info, emergency contact info (contacted if parents cannot be reached), and medical concerns through your PowerSchool Parent Portal Account.

In the event of an emergency, it ensures we have the most accurate contact and medical information for your child. 

â–ºIf you do not have a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account, please see the link below. You will need your child's Access ID & Access Password to set up your account.  Please email Cathy McCullough (cathy.mccullough@rdpsd.ab.ca) for your child’s access ID & password.  Cathy Mccullough can also set up the account for you, if you'd like – just let her know. 


â–ºHaving a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account gives you access to:

Kindergarten - Gr. 5: attendance, bussing information (yellow bus stop location, pick-up and drop-off times), updating your child's school information, and the option to pay school fees online.

Gr. 6-12: attendance, grades, missing assignments, report cards, bussing information (yellow bus stop location, pick-up and drop-off times), updating your child's school information and the option to pay school fees online. 

 RSVP - Red Deer Student Verification Process

The following documentation is to go over the basic steps of verifying/changing your child’s demographic information using the Red Deer Student Verification Process (RSVP).  In order to access this area, you MUST log in to the Red Deer Public Schools PowerSchool Parent Portal. This application will not be available through the child account. The address is https://powerschool.rdpsd.ab.ca . IF you have created an account, log in as normal.  If not, you will need to click on the Create Account tab and follow the instructions to create your account.

Creating a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account (PDF)


Creating a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account (YouTube)



Once logged in, you will be able to see

  • RSVP - Red Deer Student Verification Process
  • Transportation - Displays information in our BusPlanner system. If the student is on a bus, this will show you the stop or transit information.
  • Student Dashboard - Displays attendance percentage, the student timetable as well as any unique information about your child (Medical, FOIP, …)
  • RDP Reports - Displays where you can find your child’s Report Card.

IF you have any demographic changes, please use the following process to help the school update their information.

As a parent, you will go through and approve each page of information - you will be updating any information that is incorrect, or has changed since last school year. For Address, you can enter your address in that line, and it will populate the fields below based on Google info. Please note: Google addressing is not 100% accurate, so please review carefully (Especially when it comes to Postal Code). Feel free to overwrite the individual fields if you need, however using the “Enter Address” area will fill out the fields in the correct format.

At the bottom of each page you will click on the Approve XXX Info, which will approve that page after you have verified/changed the information.  

If you see fields that are highlighted in yellow, that means there is a difference between PowerSchool and your verification info. By mousing over that field, you will be able to see what the PowerSchool value is

IF you see the following icon,, clicking this icon will give you additional information about this area/field.

When you have completed the verification process, you will view a summary page:

It will show you the amount of changes within each section. You may review by clicking on the header of each section.  It will expand and show you the information (Your entry plus what is in PowerSchool (if different)). To finalize this report, please type your name, and put the current date in order to approve the page. Once you have a checkmark on all pages, you have completed the verification process.

When the check marks disappear, that means that the school staff has processed your information and the process has completed. Any new changes after this point would require going through the verification process again.

Thank you,