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2017-18 Physical Education School Year Plan 1
2017-18 Yearbook Order Form
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2018 Fundraising INFO Sheet
2018 Spring Plant Order Sheet
2018-19 City Transit App
2018-19 Gateway Yellow Bus Service Application
2018-2019 High School Timetable
2019 Family Field Fun Day 4
2019 January Diploma Exam Schedule
Accessing Gr. 6- 8 report cards Dec. 5/18
Application For Former Students Of Gateway Christian School
April 2018 Hot Lunch Menu
April 2019 Hot Lunch Menu
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Basketball Summer Camps June 4
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Gateway Jr. girls BB schedule
Gateway Jr. girls BB schedule
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Grade 12 Banquet Order Form-2019
Grade 5 Basektball Letter 2018
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HANDS Popcorn Order Form
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High School January Exam Schedule
High School Timetable 2017-2018
High School Timetable 2017-2018_1
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Hockey Schedule_1
In-Dey-Go Cinnamon Buns Coffee Tea Fundraiser
Instructions For Booking P-T Interviews
Instructions For Booking P-T Interviews_1
Internet Safety - Getting The Discussion Started 2
January 2019 Hot Lunch Menu
January 2017 Registration Form - RTD
January 2019 Registration Form - RTD
January 2020 Registration Form - RTD
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NBCCamps_Flyer_Canada_Volleyball_2018 1-June 4
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October 17 2017 School Council Agen
October 2017 Hot Lunch
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P-T Online Instructions 2015
Parent-Teacher Interviews - March 22 - Instructions
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Parent-Teacher Interviews Oct 3 4
Parent-Teacher Interviews Oct 4-5 2017
Parent-Teacher Interviews-Dec
Parent-Teacher Interviews-Dec
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PowerSchool - Setting Up A Parent Account
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Read-a-thon Sponsor Grade 1-2
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Read-a-thon Track Sheet
Red Deer College Summer Camps
Red Deer College Summer Camps_1
Red Deer Public November 30 2016 POSTER 2
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Report Card Letter From Mrs
Revised Basketball Schedule
Rock The Diploma
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School Council-Society Differences
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Sign up for Sr. girls basketball REMIND messages
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Spring Picture Pose Selection Sheet
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Sr. boys Feb. 3-4 basketball tourney
Sr. girls BB sign-up
Sr. girls Feb. 3-4 basketball tourney
Student Threat Assessment Pamphlet-RDPSD
Teaching For Transformation TfT
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UST 2021 Application
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