Introducing our Community Classroom

Hello parents/guardians,

Hope you and your family are healthy and safe!  We want to extend our sincere appreciation for your efforts to support learning at home during this challenging time.  If your children are struggling with online learning, please reach out to your child's homeroom teacher or call the office.  We'd be happy to help.  We miss our students & school community ♥♥♥! 


If you and your children are looking for extra resources or ways to connect with our school community, check out our new Gateway Christian School Community Classroom!


GCS Community Classroom 

Once you log into the classroom use the tabs on the top right-hand corner to navigate all the information posted!  


Each week you and your children will find information on 5 categories:

 1.     Daily PE (facilitated by Carol Graham).  Check out the fun activities Mrs. Graham has in store for students every day of the week.

 2.    Fun Activities (facilitated by Amy McAllister).  Mrs. McAllister shares some delicious recipes, family games and a joke of the week!

3.    Art & Music (facilitated by Sandy Rhoad).  Ms. Rhoad will share weekly art and music activities.

4.    Worship (facilitated by Cherilyn Strom).  Mrs. Strom will feature weekly throughline activities, worship videos, Gateway’s Birthday Song, and highlight RighNow Media content.

5.    Let’s stay connected weekly Themes (I’m facilitating).    Heather Poettcker has come up with some awesome new ways we can keep connected - through weekly themes.  Each week we ask parents to send us pictures of their children partaking in the weekly theme and we will post them on our social media and our community classroom under "Let's stay connected weekly Themes".   

 Each week Gateway will have a new theme.

  • Week 1 was - Home classrooms and study spaces!
  • Week 2 was - What families are doing to keep fit & keep moving!
  • Week 3 was - What Throughline have you been a part of at home?
  • Week 4 was Easter/Spring Break - an extension of What Throughline have you been a part of at home?
  • Week 5 was - Who have you been thinking about / missing?
  • Week 6 was - Let's show our school spirit and wear our school colors!
Check each week's posting and see a carousel of pictures!
  • Week 7 (THIS WEEK)   2-4-6-8 who do we APPRECIATE?  Our teachers - It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!   Teachers may not be greeting students in the mornings,  supervising them at recess, or reminding them to walk in the halls; but they ARE still teaching.  Teachers are always learning but this year they had a lot to learn and adapt to while teaching!  So let’s celebrate our teachers virtually this week!
Have your children:
  1. MONDAY - draw a picture or write a short poem for their teacher.
  2. TUESDAY - send a picture of your child wearing their teacher's favorite colour - or what they think it might be... but tell us their teacher's name when you send the picture.
  3. WEDNESDAY - a picture saying thank you to their teacher! Send them some appreciation and love! 
  4. THURSDAY - selfie with their at-home teacher!!! 
  5. FRIDAY - silly faces or crazy hair to remind your teacher who they are missing in their desks!!
All of these can be shared directly with their teacher via email OR send them to or to post on social media and our community classroom.  
So...please send us your pictures. We want to hear from you!  Note:  If you send us pictures, you are agreeing to share them on social media & our Community Classroom.   This will be a great way to see how families are learning at home and a great way to stay connected. 

🌟 Red Deer Public Schools OPTIONAL K-Gr. 8 ACTIVITIES

In addition to elementary literacy & numeracy learning and middle school's core subject learning, teachers across Red Deer Public Schools have developed activities for K - Gr. 8 students in other areas (examples:  art, foods & fashion, wellness & technology) -  these are entirely optional. Students and families can pick and choose from these optional (activities will be updated periodically as they become available).


Optional K-Gr. 8 activities 


We will continue to follow our yearly school calendar in regard to no schooling on holidays and staff professional development days.

Please note there will be no online schooling for kindergarten - Gr. 12 students on:

  • Friday, May 15th - staff PD Day
  • Monday, May 18th - Victoria Day
🌹💐💗 A SPECIAL BLESSING TO ALL OUR MOMS...have a wonderful Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day (1).jpg

Have a great week.  

Stay safe, stay well & God Bless,