Playing Our Part in God's Story

At Gateway we believe that the special calling of the Christian school teacher is to help students to see where and how God is working.  The truth that God is sovereign and Jesus Christ is Lord over All Things, must serve as the key teaching, the core curriculum, in every Christian School Classroom.  The entire creation can be understood only in relation to God.  He’s there - we just have to help students discover him!  Our staff’s job is to walk alongside them, helping them to uncover God’s truth that exists everywhere in creation. Christian Education is and must be about God - knowing Him in all ways and glorifying Him in all Things.  As Christian teachers in a Christian school we are in the unique and important position of guiding, nurturing and challenging students to respond to God’s invitation to become Kingdom builders, to transform the world.  We eagerly take on the task of nurturing a “peculiar people - a people who desire the kingdom of God” (Smith 34) and take on their life as an expression of that desire” (TfT Guidebook pg 6).

Teaching for Transformation is the model through which teachers develop learning experiences with the goal of helping students see and better understand God’s story as well as their role in it.  Teachers use storylines, throughlines and formational learning experiences to help reveal God and invite students to be a part of His story each day. 

THROUGH LINES                                                                                                           

TfT can be summarized through the phrase: “See the Story: Live the Story”  We need to recognize that we are all part of God’s Story. We are part of His Grand Narrative! And we are all invited to play a role in this unfolding Story. Once we know this fact, then our next step is to figure out how to play our part in this Story. TfT  provides 11 ways to think about this and we call these ways Throughlines. We can be on the lookout for Throughlines in all areas of our life: on a walk outdoors, in the media that we consume, in the science that we study, in the books that we read. But it is not enough to just talk about the Throughlines, we need to invite students to BE the Throughlines. For example, as we learn about Community Building, we need to create opportunities to BE Community Builders.  At Gateway, teachers work to provide opportunities for students to not only learn about what a certain throughline means but opportunities to practice living out these ‘roles’ as we play our part in God’s story.

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