March 1st Reminders

Good Morning Everyone,
Happy March!  Hope you had a great weekend 🙂
Please find attached our March newsletter & calendar.  Please keep a copy of the calendar handy and take a few minutes to read our newsletter.  
In this month's newsletter, information on:
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews (more information will be emailed on Wednesday!)
  • Gr. 1-8 Report Cards
  • RightNow Media - a free resource for our GCS community.
Wednesday was PINK SHIRT DAY!  We had a sea of....PINK at Gateway. Whether the shades were ruby, fuchsia, blush, rose, magenta or florescent, the message was the same - we are united in our effort to stop bullying.   It was a day to take a stand against bullying and focus on treating each other with dignity and respect.
🌟🌟 We were featured in the Red Deer Advocate. 🌟🌟 To see the article click HERE
Fancy Friday in 7E!
With cute dresses, stylish ties, and spiffy shoes, our 7E class went FANCY on Friday!  They looked FABULOUS!
Science Class in 1M
Mrs. Moltzahn's Gr. 1 class is learning about their senses in science.  Students are developing an awareness of their own senses and how they are used.  They are learning that each of their senses provides information about particular aspects of our environment; and that together, the senses enable us to know things and do things that we would not otherwise be able to do, or at least not as easily.  
Last week, the class was learning about hearing.  Each student sat back to back with a partner.  One partner drew and described an object/event while their partner drew the same object/event just from the descriptors they heard. What fun!  I wonder how many pictures were the same???
Counting is so much FUN!
Check out Mrs. Lodewyk Monday/Wednesday students working on their math skills. Students rolled the dice and put the corresponding number of cheerios in their cups!  When their cups were full, they started the process again but....this time they ate the cheerios!
Mrs. Lodewyk's theme for February was 'God made Outer Space'!  Students studied  the sun, stars, & planets. They understood that God created this world with purpose and there is order/sequence to everything around them.    Check out the class celebrating Space Day on Friday. Students made space puppets and told stories to each other!  
LA in 7B
Writing & reading stories is one way we connect with each other.  It's something to celebrate, to work at & perfect!  Students in Mr. Bourne's LA class wrote stories/narratives and shared them, over zoom, with their parents, family members & even the family dog!
Mrs. Burnett's kindergarten class studied the letter "U"  and talked about how God's love is like a BIG UMBRELLA!  Just like an umbrella protects people from the rain and snow, so God protects & loves us!
Here are the reminders for the week:
Monday, March 1st
  • Students in Mrs. Lodewyk's kindergarten class are asked to try and send garbageless lunches and snacks this week (Monday & Wednesday)
  • Sushi Koon Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)
Tuesday, March 2nd
  • Students in Mrs. Lodewyk's kindergarten class are asked to try and send garbageless lunches and snacks this week  (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
Friday, March 5th
  • Monday/Wednesday kindergarten students:  No School
  • Tuesday/Thursday kindergarten students:  Regular Classes
  • 4:00 p.m. deadline to order Burger Boy Hot Lunch
Have a great week,